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the Difference between Screen Printing & Pad Printing



Pad printing

Screen printing


Diverting image etched on steel plate to products by rubble head. It is the same as sealing.

Making ink from the hole of screen frame to products by pressure scraper

Printing area

The prinitng area is limitted, at present the max printing area is 150*450MM in domestic, but it is not full print, it is discontinuous letters. The max printing diameter is 300MM, if it is a full print. However, the comsumable will be high.

The printing area is no limitless, the printing area can be up to 1500*2000MM for flat&full print. The cost of consumable is low, and can be used recycle.


Products profile

It can print kinds of shapes products, such as falt, curved, wave. As long as the printing head can be touched, it can print.

The products should be flat or inerratic curved.


Printing quality




It can overprint 12 colors, printing products for one time with lower cost, it is suitable for investment of lots of factories

It also can overprint, but the cost is very high, it is not suitable for investment of factories. Manual platform can print mulit-color one time, but it will take up more space and need more labours.


The ink layer is thin, it can overprint on kinds of surface. It common name as omnipotentprinting. It can print all kinds of object except water and air.

The ink layer is thick, the image finished printing with strong perspective, touching by hand, you will feel it is not flat. It is very suitable for printing the surfact of high range products. But the overprint is more trouble, the prodcuts should be regular falt or curved and the printing area has a little limitted.