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Use Screen Printing Machine Print Plastic Products

Author:Ivan Zhang
The plastic silk-screen printing, is the plastic products two mechanics (or calls retreatment) the one kind. The so-called two processing are after the plastic products injection molding, then carries on a time superficial cosmetic processing, for instance: The plastic galvanization, the plastic spray coating, the plastic burn India, the plastic silk India and so on.
Plastic products great variety, but on the use screen printing machine method, the sheet material and the plane body uses Vertical Screen Printing Machinery   ; May launch the plane the cambered surface body to use the Curved Surface Screen Printing Machinery; The homeomorphous product uses the indirect silk India law. The plastic products solid resin, the chemical additive and the formation method's difference, its superficial performance's difference is very big, particularly questions and so on superficial smoothness, polarity and static electricity, become plastic silk India to have the breakdown root.