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The new method of screen printing

Equipment insufficiency, must print, how to manage? May stretch the net method manually through the improvement, the part solves this problem, the simplest most and direct means are use to clamp the type to stretch the net method manually. Stretches the net with this method, stretches the net quality is good, the speed is also quick, the majority small silk India Factory uses this method. Stretches the net with this method, one time may stretch two net frames at least, satisfies the chromatography screen to stretch the net parameter as far as possible same request. Based on the experience, between two net frame's included angle is 135 - 150 degrees. In order to enhance the tensity the stability, may brush the rubber fixedly first trilateral, finally lays aside the waiting at the same time. The standby period is one hour at least, simultaneously will let stretch net rubber completely dry later again fixed finally one side. In fixed process, if discovered that the net too relaxes, again relaxes the tautness to the opposite side. After repeated tautness, basically can overcome silk screen's tensity relaxation, the part enhances the tensity the stability, to a certain extent enhances stretches net's quality. But stretches the net operating process to be numerous and diverse manually, lacks the standardization, the digitization, the restriction stretches the net quality the enhancement, affects India's quality. Therefore, even if changes stretches net's method, the handwork stretches the net to be unable to achieve the high quality the request. Must fundamentally change stretches net's quality, causes to stretch the net process standardization, the digitization, must certainly use stretches the net installment, like air operated stretches the net machine, the machinery to stretch the net machine.