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The merit of Silk-screen printing

Author:Ivan Zhang

First, silk India is the manufacture large-scale advertisement essential method. Every has accepts for printing ability the goods to be possible to carry on silk India. Silk India to any advertisement carrier like plexiglass, the nylon, the lamp house cloth, passes the brilliance, the cloth sign, the synthesis paper, the dry glue, the KD board, snow Ban, the Andy board, the metal, the plastic and so on nothing which is not to print, simultaneously it cannot reach specification influence - - several meters to several dozens meters.

Second, the silk-screen printing and the computer spurt the comparison which draws: 1. silk-screen printing's clarity compared to uses the art designing and the computer spurts draws enhances a scale obviously. The man-power spurts draws the speed to be slow, the cost is high, the effect difference has eliminated gradually, but the computer spurts draws can look at the far effect. If in one meter looked that was unable with silk India to compare, this was the reality which was obvious to all. 2nd, the computer spurts draws is the non-contact printing, compared with convenient quickly, from brings the original manuscript only to need to the scanning blowout product for several hours, but the silk-screen printing must after the electronic color separation, enlarge the positive chart, the sun-dried system screen, the silk-screen printing. Spends the time comparison under to be longer than likely, also takes one day most quickly. This is the silk-screen printing deficiency. 3rd, the computer spurts draws manufactures the cost bottom in the batch extremely few situations. 4th, four color silk India its principle and the offset printing are the same, therefore prints out the product returns to original state the effect and the offset printing are the same, but is different along with width size its mesh point. But the computer spurts draws the blowout the ink to accept for printing in the thing easy to proliferate, cannot become the spot independently, therefore seems does not have the rule, even is quite chaotic, can only look in the long-distance range, the visual effect is inferior to the silk-screen printing obviously. 5th, the silk-screen printing manufacture cost is low, the economy is worthwhile. Because the silk-screen printing suits in the volume production. Therefore the cost compared to spurts draws low many. 6th, because the silk-screen printing the craft is flexible, may in accepts for printing the back color printing, as a result of the ink level thick did not fear that is exposed to the sun and rain, the ultraviolet radiation, generally may guarantee three to five years.

The silk-screen printing accepts for printing broad scope, self-evident, but other printing way, regardless of invests many greatly can only accept for printing the publication and so on, is impossible to have so ability, therefore looks like organizes a net India Workshop to make up its insufficiency is the urgent matter, imperative.