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The Trend of Screen Printing Market


1. Contents

1) Analyze the screen printing market of Japan, Europe and America, and briefly explain the global market trends of screen printing.

2) With the change of market, the other technologies of mass production are developing and growing day by day. Specific explanations are given to the advantages and benefits of screen printing compared with the other technologies.
3) The market change raises higher requirements on screen printing in high precision and high refinement. Explanations on necessary functions are given today.

2. Market Trends of Screen Printing in Japan

1) The Japanese enterprises with mass production of PCB, CD and printing continue expanding to Asian countries, and the demands of mass production in Japan are declining.

2) As for image, the electronic digital printing as the other technologies of mass production are growing and developing day by day. However, because of different production quantity in each batch, the trend of autonomous administration with screen printing is being enhanced, and there will be no great demand increment judging from environment.

3) In Japan, the market demands of electronic component related products are likely to be enlarged. The specific items include LTCC, MLCC, FPD, solar battery, RFID, and COF, etc.
※ With the refinement development of these items, the demands on high precision and high refinement of screen printing will continue increasing.

3. Market Trends of Screen Printing in Europe and America……key words are “environment” and “electronic components of automobile”

1) In modern world, the environment issue is paid more and more attention. In such market situation, solar battery as one of future energy is placed much expectation. So far, Japan has been surpassing all the others in the production of solar battery. In future, the world output will continue increasing, especially when the European and American countries make greater plans in the production of solar battery. The technologies of screen printing will be extensively used and the demands will increase greatly especially in the production of silicon solar battery.

2) The proportion of body devices of each automobile is declining year by year; in contrast, that of electronic components is increasing gradually. It is reported that 70 million automobiles are manufactured in the world per year, and 20-30 thousand electronic components are placed on each automobiles. In future, with the development of high performance and environment friendly trend of automobiles, the electronic components on the body of automobile will be more and more. These electronic components, including HIC, MLCC, inductor and coil, are all the programs greatly requiring the technologies of screen printing, and the demands are inevitable to be enlarged.

4. Advantages of Screen Printing

1) Comparison between screen printing and intaglio printing. As far as the procedure of forming of passive film on the surface of silicon is concerned, 8 procedures are needed for intaglio printing, while only 2 procedures are needed for screen printing. The procedures are simplified greatly. However, because solder paste which is inconvenient for printing is used, and high precision printing dimensions are required, high precision screen is needed.

2) Comparison between screen printing and offset printing. When the procedures of necessary additive painting on the liquid crystal panel in the same production condition are compared, the producing capacity of screen printing is 4 times of that of offset printing, thus greatly reduces the production cost. The problem with screen printing is to avoid the damage to the alignment film. If this problem can be solved, the market demands of screen printing will increase greatly with the development of the markets of automobile navigation, auto phone and LCD-TV.

5. Screen for Precise Printing

With the change of market, high precision and high performance gradually become the requirements on screen printing. With the high performance development of the products and the increase of components, the high refinement degree of wiring is higher and higher. In addition, to give full play to all the functions, various solder pastes are used, including many varieties which are not suitable for screen printing or are hard to be printed. This problem needs research and solution. In future, the trend of multi-layer will be increasingly obvious with the multi-layered film substrate represented by HIC; therefore, high precision printing will become more and more important. The screen with high strength, high elasticity and low degree of stretch is necessary for these demands.

6. High Strength • High Elasticity

During the course of high precision and high performance, there is an example of screen meeting the requirements.

By comparing the strength feature of polyester screen, stainless steel screen and V-screen made of PAR, it is easy to find that V-screen shows outstanding performance in both strength and elasticity, with over twice strength of stainless screen and much higher elasticity than stainless steel screen. In future, for the increasingly enlarged precision printing, such materials with high strength and elasticity as V-screen will realize the dimension precision of high-resolution printing.

In tune with the market change, thorough discussion and research on the materials of screen printing --- screen, screen frame, adhesives, solder pastes, printing machine and printing condition will play important roles in the future development of the screen printing market.