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Silk-screen printing machine manufacture label antennas merit

Author:Ivan Zhang

Thesilk- screen printing machine  manufacture label built-in antenna uses the material is the electric conduction printing ink.

The electric conduction printing ink is by the metallic conduction particle (silver, copper, carbon) disperses one kind of conductive compound materials which foresees accurately in the connection forms, after printing accepts for printing in the thing, plays the wire, the antenna and the resistance role. This screen printing machine printing ink printing in the flexibility or the flinty keelson (paper, PVC, PE and so on) on may make the printed circuit, may receive the RFID special-purpose wireless radio-frequency signal with the electric conduction printing ink print's antenna. The intelligent label built-in antenna uses the electric conduction printing ink net India side law (for example copper etching law) to have many superiority compared with other methods, may say that is one kind of green, stable, the low cost solution, manufactured the low cost label to the mass is one ideal technique, its superiority manifested in the following several aspects:

1. Cost low 2. Operate easy 3. Environmental protection 4. Keelson choice nimble diverse5 the Label style is rich, the stability, and the reliability are good