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Silk-screen printing high-end application


SED(surface-conduction electron-emitter display)Uses the surface conduction electron emission display technology, belongs to the field launch to demonstrate that is one kind of initiative illumination display technology.

On glass foundation of SED plate red, green, blue tricolor luminous powder, and has several kilovolts high pressures after anode relative glass foundation plate Canada. Manufactures through the silk-screen printing law on the glass foundation plate corresponds each picture element the metal electrode, and with spurts ink printing the method to manufacture the oxidized arrowhead thin film electron emission negative pole in the metal electrode between. Has produced the oxidized arrowhead membrane metal electrode spacing only then 4-6 nanometers, when between after the metal electrode adds on 10 several volts voltages, the interelectrode will form the super elevation electric field, in the oxidized arrowhead membrane electron will be towed, forms the electron emission. Because the metal electrode is along the same glass foundation plate arrangement, therefore just launched the electron is in the glass foundation plate surface conduction, this is this kind of component is named as the surface conduction electron emission monitor's reason, this is also sed is at with other field emission monitor's difference.

SED television present biggest luminescent spot is the picture nature is good, its analysis strength likely liquid crystal, but the gradation expressive force, the visible angle, the color range scope, the dynamic picture performance, the shadow detail expressive force may achieve the high-level crt television level.