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Shore Hardness of Squeegee

Author:Ivan Zhang
Some Squeegee blades vary in hardness up to ± 5 Shore depending on raw material quality, manufacturer and age of blade. Measuring a Squeegee along its length variations in hardness will also be found. One source of supply will give the most overall consistent results. 

One variable out of control will set off a chain of destructive events in the printing process. 

The shore hardness of Squeegee is an important parameter for selecting Squeegee. Shore A Scale has been adopted worldwide today. The hardness can be read when put the hardness parameters on the surface of Squeegee. The hardness range of Jimei squeegee is from 45 Shore A to 95 Shore A. 45 Shore A is the softest while 95 Shore A is the hardest. The selection of hardness mainly depends on the factors such as substrate material as well as its shape, mesh counts, stencil tension, etc. The soft squeegee is more suitable for the printing job on irregular surface (curved surface). Because the soft Squeegee can make ink go through the screen and adhere on the irregular substrate. Its shortcoming is that it cannot bear too much pressure or it may make squeegee bend easily and low resolution with the printings. We usually know that the higher hardness Squeegee is more abrasion resistant and solvent resistant, which can print fine line graphics but at the same time it may make less ink go through the stencil comparatively. In order to get ideal effect, greater pressure, higher printing speed, higher viscosity and the density of printing ink are usually needed. The effect of middle hardness squeegee is between the soft hardness and hard hardness. Refers to Appendix Table 3: Shore Hardness of Squeegee. (Tolerance: +2 / -2 Shore A)