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Screen Printing Principle

Author:Ivan Zhang
Screen-printed by the five elements, namely,screen printing plate, scraping scraper printed, ink, printing and Taiwan, as well as substrates. Screen printing the basic principles are: the use of screen-printed version of Graphic part mesh through ink, non-graphic mesh impenetrable part of the basic principles of ink for printing. Printing plates at the end of the wire into ink used in the screen scraping scraper printed on the printing plate to exert a certain pressure parts ink, silk screen printing plate at the same time North Korea the other side of Mobile. Ink was in the mobile scraper from the graphic part of the mesh in the extrusion to the substrates. Because of the role of viscous ink blot fixation within a certain range, the printing process has always been with the screen scraper plate and substrates linear contact, contact with the scraper moving line of mobile, as the screen printing plate and substrates maintain a certain gap between, making the screen printing plate through its own tension arising from the reaction of the scraper, the reaction known as the back stretch. Because of the role of resilience, so that screen printing plate and printing materials are mobile lines were exposed, and screen printing plate and other parts of substrates for out of state. To  make ink and screen broke campaign to ensure that the printing dimensional accuracy and to avoid rubbing dirty substrates. When the scratch scraper looked after the entire layout, but also raised his screen printing plate and ink back to initial position. So far as a printed itinerary.