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Screen Printing Machine Quotation

Author:Screen Printing Machine Quotation

Tilted-arm Flat Bed Screen Printer with Vaccum Table    FOB  price:  only USD4600/set

Model: ETD-6090


1. Working Table Size:720*1000MM
2.Max printing area:600X900MM;
3. Max. Screen Size:900*1200
4. Min.Screen size: 450*550mm
6. Frame Lift Height: 300mm
7. Operation Air Pressure: 0.3 Mpa.--0.5Mpa.
8. Air consumptions(0.6 mpa): 13/pcs
9. Max.Product thickness:0-20 MM;0-50mm
10. Power rate: 2.3KW
11. Voltage: 220V/50HZ, single phrases
12. Table Height: 820mm
13. Max. printing speed. 500-1200pcs/Hour
14. Machine dimension:1500*1200*1250mm
15. Machine weight: 410Kg
1.Printing transmission is driven by the electric motor, synchronous belt drive, action sensitive, even speed and can be adjusted
2.Machine up and down is driven by the electric motor, frequency control, smooth operation, scraper and scraping blade have a air pressure governor, the thickness of the printing can be adjusted
3.Adsorbing to fix printing substrate 4: The worktable has a venire regulation system( can move up and down, left and right, forward and backward) that makes registration more precisely and simply.
5.With security devices to make the head printing stop on the upper part position that is more reliable and safer
6.The electronic control unit (ECU) is central control by the microcomputer, the operation of complete appliance is simpler and more flexible, easy to maintain.
7.The front clip can be adjusted forward and back.

Product Description: This machine is fitting for paper board printing of cigarette, wine, gifts and cosmetics package, printing of trade mark, wall calendar, oil painting, computer keyboard, new year picture, transfer paper, label-bond, credit card

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