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Screen Printers in packing combination printing function

Author:Ivan Zhang

Along with the economic development, the material life are day by day rich, the people are getting higher and higher to the energetic culture's demand. Because packs the product to have artistic, the cosmetic and the beautified life characteristic, also receives the producer and the seller value day by day. Especially if the printing enterprise wants to be in an impregnable position in the intense market competition, sets up the quality competition the idea to be very essential. Take the tobacco and liquor packing as the example, present's product packaging compared with was formerly more magnificent finely, the craft was day by day mature, could satisfy request by one printing way the day already to never to return. At present what uses generally is combines the printing technique of production, the Silk-screen printing machine adds other printing combination.

Silk-screen printing machine combination printing application scope:

At present, the silk-screen printing mainly with softens India to combine or and the lithographic printing combination. For example, prints the precision extremely high rotation network license first wife to gather supple copier's combination printing, may pile up the thicker printing ink level using the silk-screen printing, has the outstanding hiding power, may carry on coarse particles printing the characteristic, uses again prints the itself print speed to be quick supply, the clarity high superiority, causes it, in the packing printed in the market to occupy the important position gradually. Moreover the drum net copier, the general speed is about 4000/hours, uses the advanced locate mode, may with the offset printing press necessary combination, realize the high fine mesh to adjust the effect which the offset printing and special net India decorates