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Merits of Silicone

Author:Ivan Zhang

Silicone is Nontoxic 
Silicone rubber is essentially notoxic.It is suitable for manufacturing to Food instrument,Medical supply ,Medical supply because of inactivity. As well as it is watchined that next material in a far-reaching field.

Harmless for human
Silicone rubber is essentially harmless for human as well as no blood coagulation.
Thermal resistance
Silicone rubber is won`t melt at 200C and can be maintain for long term use.
Maintenance temperature range is betwween 150C and 200C.
Cold resistant
Silicone rubber is maintaining elasticity because cold resistance is between -60 C and 70 C
Silicone rubber is good weatherability .Therefore it won`t changed of a property of matter when it be outdoors leaving.The reason of that unlike normal rubber, No double bond with in molecular structure middle of atmosphere oxygen,ozone,ultraviolet ray.
Chemic tolerance
Silicone rubber could be infringement either strong alkaline or strong acid but it is stable to acid and base and salts.
Hit resistant and waterproofing
Silicone rubber is won`t changed to property of matter when subsidence for a long time or connected steam.