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How to choose pad printing ink


Pad printing inks must contain a high pigment percentage and a faster solvent mixture inorder to yeld an excellent and constant print quality. No other printing system is so versatile as pad printing for the variety of items and surfaces that can be pad printed. The choice of a padprinting ink is usually made considering the following factors in sequence:

1)type of material to be printed
2)surface characteristics
3)brightness degree
4)drying requirements
5)special requirements concerning mechanical or chemical resistance. 

This sequence is not binding since some requirements can determine the choice of an ink according to the most important technical aspect (e.g.: guarantee of mechanical resistance instead of brightness).

If you can not find pad printing ink in your local area, screen printing ink is also a good choice for pad printing.

Ink Additives

For pad printing ink and screen printing ink , the most important additives we often use is : ink hardener and ink thinner.

They have the function of improve performance, processing and productivity.

Ink hardener improves adhesion and hardness of certain pad and screen print inks. It often comes with the ink.

Ink thinner can help the ink get thinner according to printing practical requirements whiich make coating easier and


They both help to improve printing or painting quality.

Ink types

According to pad printing requirement. Customers need to choose the proper ink to matching with the printing materials. Generally speaking, there are 2 kinds of ink.

One is used for printing metals, glass, hardness surface of items.

The other is used for printing plastics, like: ABS, PS, surfece painted ABS, hard and soft PVC, PC.

Please be patient to ask the ink supplier about the right ink matching with your printing objects.