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Hot stamping machine and heat transfer machine

Author:Ivan Zhang

1. Silicon plate adhered to upper of stamping machine; roller installed on the heat transfer machine. More harder silicon rubber get more better stamping quality. 

2. Stamping foil and heat transfer film:
Stamping foil coloured made by vacuum braise-plating and heat transfer film printed by cave copper printing machine. Stamping foil used by stamping machine and heat transfer machine; heat transfer film only used by heat transfer film.

3. Fixture:
    It is important to make fixture according to products. Regular products need the fixture made by lathe or CNC. Complex products need the fixture made by polyester resin.


1. Flat stamping machine:  Stamping head is flat and working table keep stillness named Flat stamping machine. Conveyer working table installed on flat hot stamping machine named conveyer hot stamping machine,There are two kinds of stamping machine: one is Manual stamping machine, the other is Air-controlling machine.

2. Cylinder stamping machine: Shuttle working table installed on flat stamping machine named Cylinder stamping machine. Round products can be stamped by this kind of machine.

3. Flat heat transfer machine: Stamping machine with silicon roller and shuttle working table named Flat heat transfer machine. When roller press down to contact flat substrate and working table move from left to right, flat products will be transferred through heat and pressure.

4. Cylinder heat transfer machine: Round fixture installed on the working table , cylinder products will be transferred. Most of heat transfer machine have two function: when transfer flat product, removing round fixture and make working table movement ; when transfer cylinder product, installing round fixture and keep working table stillness.

5. Imitating-surface stamping machine: Stamping head can be fluctuated when contacting with product surface figure because of fluctuating device. Oval object, camber object, ball object etc complex product will be transferred by this machine. With the development of market, Fully-automatically cylinder stamping machine improve rapidly stamping speed and enter into the vision.