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Mini Vacuum Flat Screen Printer , New Style

Author:High quality mini screen printer

Mini Vacuum Flat Screen Printer

EC-2030F is our new product  in 2013 . It is designed and made on the basic of HC-2030C .
Most of HC-2030C 's parts are bare to outside , but EC-2030F 's are packed with stainless steel
cabinet . The same specification ,  the same function , but  it can be more safe , dustproof and
protect the important component.

The mini flat screen printing machine with vacuum table is adopted vacuum genertator to bring strong adsorptive power
without noise. It replace manual screen printing, and solve the problems of un-stable printing quanlity, and slow printing speed
by manual screen printing. The machine is small with quick speed, stable function, high precice, it can be made up of screen
printing production line in small workshop. It’s special suitable for printing logo on the surface of PVC, paper, nameplate and
kinds of film
1. SCM IC coordinate light touching panel to complile action programming
2. Auto 4-digit counter built-in, counting printing quantity
3. Airframe adopts coin alloy,and metal coating surface
4. distyle vertical constructure, high precision, steady operation
5. the transeversa stroke can be adjusted, spacing by Taiwan electronic switch
6. the angle of scraper and ink covering blades can be adjusted randomly
7. installing scraper constant pressure equipment to make sure pressure is steady when printing
8. you can regulate work-table back and forth or right and left, and then fastening it
9. you can regulate screen frame back and forth, right and left or level orientatio
10. vacuum stainless steel worktable, it can absorb kinds of film products
11. installing CEC oil buffer on up and down, left and righ to avoid printing shock
12. The machine is running fastly, steably and lower noise.
13. Action model option: fully automatic | semi-automatic | manual
14. Start-up method:panel | foot switches
15. scraper pressure controller:by pressure regulating Valve
16. vertical driving style: pneumatic
17. transeversa driving style: pneumatic
18. maxium printing area: 200*300mm
19. transeversa stroke: 350MM
20. vertical stroke: 160MM
21. worktable size: 250*450mm
Price Terms : FOB Shenzhen or Guangzhou
Payment Terms : Western Union ,T/T or L/C
Packing : Wooden case
Lead Time : Within 3 days
Standards Certificate : ISO9001-2000,CE
Machine Fittings:
1.One aluminium screen flame
2.One Manual in English
3.One set of tool
Package List
Wooden case :750×850×950mm
Gross Weight: 160kg
Ship Date
1.By sea
within 30 days after receive remittance
2.By air
within 6 days after receive remittance
1.Cylinder can be changed for free within 1year,freight collect.
2.Other parts can be changed for free within 2years,freight collect.
3.Warranty period:3years

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