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Develop screen printing arts

Author:Ivan Zhang
Development Network works of art printed promising "Serigraphs", "Screen Printing Crystal Art" is produced through screen printing.Screen printing machine are the four major printing (letterpress, intaglio, lithography, silk screening), one; Serigraphs are four prints (woodcut, Lithographic, etching, screen) one. At present, the world's arts admit only these four prints, there is so much famous Serigraphs and Screen Printing at the world's major art museums and galleries.

People's art collection and appreciation of more importance, for paintings, was particularly fond of painting the real thing, but the real thing is often the only one, how to meet people's desire to do this? Thus derived on a high-precision, high-quality copy the works of art of Screen printing machine. Famous for its replication is not be an easy task, it requires high precision printing, Tone at the minor level of representation should be clear on, it is necessary to detail, there is level, there is a three-dimensional sense of the overall effect of the natural scene, in order to maintain the original charm and artistic charm of Chinese painting can be printed on paper; canvas or paper in oil painting on canvas printing; decorative painting can be printed on the board at Chevron; copperplate etching can draw on the printing plate; color advertisement light box can be in a transparent organic film on the printing and so on, extensive printed on a variety of substrates, which are generally less than the printing.