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Photosensitive Seal Machine Rubber Stamp Machine

Photosensitive Seal Machine Rubber Stamp Machine Photosensitive Seal Machine Rubber Stamp Machine Photosensitive Seal Machine Rubber Stamp Machine Photosensitive Seal Machine Rubber Stamp Machine
Product name:Photosensitive Seal Machine Rubber Stamp Machine
Technical parameters
Model: SF-04
Maximum Output Energy: 2200 joules
Output voltage range :400 volts (AC)
Maximum charge time: 20 seconds
Exposure range: 110 * 70mm
Dimensions: 142*345*180mm
Lamp Quantity: 2 (Straight)
Weight: 8 kg
Voltage: 110/220V  50/60Hz

Photosensitive seal machine (commonly known as photosensitive seal machine engraving machine portrait wedding stamp engraving machine) photosensitive seal as is currently the internationally latest a seal, with its production of simple and quick, clear seal, long life, applicability, in our rapidly promotion, and has become the seal industry upgrading of products. With the Ministry of Public Security Standard GA241.9--2000 was promulgated, photosensitive seal machine has been identified as the preferred standard seal machine.
About photosensitive seal machine Photosensitive seal machine has made convenient (ie, given that customers can do, Lidengkequ), continuous seal thousands of times, the Indian side does not shrink, no deformation, imprinting a clear non-proliferation, non-fading ink lasting, continuous oiling, continuous use. Can produce 0.1 mm anti-counterfeiting stripes. Separate exposure box design, alignment precision. Exposure efficient, full of energy, machinery and lighter weight. Overall appearance, simple operation, all chapters pad once exposure molding, durable.
Photosensitive seal Working principle Photosensitive seal machine basic principle is to use a special photosensitive material, the seal is formed where the surface layer without imprinting can not penetrate the membrane, so as to effect the seal. Therefore, the use of photosensitive seal seal produced faster. Photosensitive seal machine advantage is cheap and not easily broken, imprinted clear text, high precision, easy to use, takes only 10 seconds exposure process. Not every time stamped dip inks, Zhang body and generous beautiful and durable.
Photosensitive seal machine operation method 1 ) with a laser printer will produce a good proofs printed on parchment paper or film . 2 ) Specifications covered by a transparent comp exposure film , its size to completely cover the comp prevail. 3 ) printing proofs , exposure film , photosensitive seal pad sequence among the different photosensitive machine according to vary . Galaxy 1000 with photosensitive machine, for example , the Galaxy 1000 lever -type sequence and orientation between the three is: print proofs at the bottom , close to the photosensitive machine glass stage plate , printed side up , the middle layer of exposed film , the first three for the stamp pad . Galaxy 1000 between the three drawer and headed for the order : print proofs on top, close to the photosensitive machine drawer exposure glass , print side down , the middle layer of exposed film , and the third layer is the stamp pad . Three were stable and close contact , in the middle there is no gap folds . The photosensitive machine light board cover , and pull the handle to tighten it . 4 ) Apply power and turn on the power switch, a photosensitive unit starts charging. 5 ) a wide variety of photosensitive seal pad , stamp pad the different needs of different exposure energy . In order to seal all light pads can be accurately exposed , the machine can be displayed according to the voltage meter free random exposure means exposure . Exposure voltage range from 160V to 320V between the exposure can . ( Initial use , it is recommended to test out first with scrap pad suitable for this chapter the best exposure voltage value , such as photosensitive pad for some domestic exposure voltage value: sulfuric acid paper printout 240V, film print version 220V). Subject photosensitive machine charging indicator reaches the desired exposure of the chapter pad voltage , power off, press the trigger button to complete the exposure. 6 ) Loosen the clamping lever , opened light board, the exposure of the photosensitive mat finish removed , torn film . 7 ) the exposure good print pad into the appropriate chapters shell, press seal specifications injected scalar ink, ink is distributed evenly even , you can deliver customers .
Photosensitive seal machine mechanical clamping device is photosensitive seal machine is an important component. Photosensitive printing pad not only subject to the exposure light irradiation sufficient, the thickness of the pad itself need to be compressed to a certain size, so as to have better exposure, therefore, in the design of mechanical compression pad printing photosensitive device not only need to have uniform pressure and the need to apply enough pressure and photosensitive printing pads of different thickness. Photosensitive printing pad thickness is generally between 3 mm-7mm, generally need to be pressed is compressed to a thickness of about half of the original thickness, such as pad printing 7mm need compressed to about 3-4mm in order to ensure a better exposure . Design a beautiful appearance, easy to apply and cost suitable clamping device for improving the production quality is essential photosensitive seal.
Photosensitive seal machine maintenance 1) The instrument contains high voltage, do not arbitrarily open the cabinet, if fault, please contact us. 2) To extend the service life, keep the work environment clean. 3) the unit contains a photosensitive glass lamp, use and handling process, please gently. 4) The unit's power switch is turned on, the machine will start charging the photosensitive preparatory work, in order to extend the service life, make it a habit before using boot off promptly after exposure habits, not a long time standby. 5) Working environment overheating or excessive workload, please note that intermittent use, pay attention to heat dissipation. 6) should keep the glass clean photosensitive machine, if pollution Please clean, otherwise it will affect the quality seal. If you can not clean, please change. 7) exposure, the cabinet after the injection cooling holes will be a little light, do not look directly into the eye.
Photosensitive seal machine difference Laser engraving machine is to rely on laser tube generates a laser, the laser portable hot at the chapter material on progressive scan engraving, laser engraving machine can be plastic, horn, organic and other hard materials carving; photosensitive engraving machine is the use of the optical principle of the text, graphics by exposing photosensitive printed in a special mat, photosensitive seal machine can only do in a special light-sensitive pad, photosensitive machine timber costs are relatively higher, but the machine low price, small size, clean, made out of clear seal so much welcomed; laser seal machine with cheap raw materials, affordable, in addition to ordinary seal engraving, you can engrave million times imitation Stamps and India and other! Secondly, laser engraving machine price than photosensitive machine prices more expensive, but the laser engraving machine consumables prices and supplies photosensitive seal contrast, photosensitive seal supplies and higher prices.
Photosensitive seal machine market analysis Photosensitive seal machine as the current international latest one impression , seal technology, it simple and quick to produce , stamps, printing clear, long life, applicability, rapid promotion in the country , and became the seal impression industry upgrading of products , with the Ministry of Public Security standard GA241.9-2000 was promulgated , photosensitive seal , like India has been identified as the preferred standard seal impression. Photosensitive seal machine is the early nineties of the last century by the Japanese invention , it is by a special chemical synthetic materials, special equipment instantly emit light through radiation, the material surface of photo-oxidation and thermal cross-linking and thus made seal. As the photosensitive seal machine used to promote its high -definition exposure effect is also widely used in the production portrait seal . Portrait seal also known portrait printing , digital printing , digital stamp , digital stamp , DJ seal , DJ like India , the bulk of chapters and so on. Using the latest digital technology, coupled with a personal portrait of the name , telephone or E-MAIL, QQ number, personal signature and other personal information , such as a photo -like made into a three-dimensional clear seal. Portrait India India you like technology and digital technology , materials science, the perfect combination.
Photosensitive seal machine instructions After unpacking, first check seal machine is intact. Then plug in the power, preparing a sulfuric acid paper, the printer is designed with a stamp pattern printed on acid paper, cut patterns, the pattern of anti-seal material posted on the chapter above. Finally, the chapter material and the pattern of exposure with anti-knock on the platform. Open the photosensitive seal machine's power switch, when the temperature rose to 300 degrees or so (about 2 minutes), press the exposure switch, you can form a seal.
Photosensitive seal how to add ink? Photosensitive seal surface flat, no lines can not penetrate the surface of the ink, so when you need to add ink to the surface coated with a small amount of ink lines literally, after about half an hour did not penetrate the surface of the ink with a soft towel to wipe clean , one should not add too much, because it is only permeable surfaces and lines literal part, therefore, will be relatively slow penetration, on the other hand, too much ink penetration within a short time frame finish will only seal contamination. Photosensitive seal misfuelling after a long time will print is not clear, and gradually turned into water until completely damaged; photosensitive seal after misfuelling damaged beyond repair. (Misfuelling first aid measures: if coupled please within 24 hours of the applied ink blot with a tissue may be all right)
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