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Side Printing Labeling Machine

Side Printing Labeling Machine
Product name:Side Printing Labeling Machine

Functional description
Production data, serial number, security code, electronic monitoring code, packaging materials, transportation information as well
as sales channels can be printed to the product in the production assembly line through the real-time printing labeling system.
The device can not only print ordinary bar codes, text, variable data, 2D bar codes and RFID tags, etc, but also Seamlessly dock
with the client ERP / MES / EAP / ODC and other production management system, multi-level association endowed, provides an
effective tool for the implementation of the security industry, in order to achieve a more rigorous and reasonable product quality
monitoring. The device can achieve real-time communication with bar code scanners, machine vision, weighing, testing and other
equipment, which provides fine and intelligent superior solutions
Provide American original Zebra PAX series print engines.
Variety of labeling way such as pneumatic, sweeping stickers, corner stickers and other options to meet different occasions or
labeling requirements of different printed items.
Gimbal structure of suction standard plate can correct plane labeling accuracy error effectively. And a unique touch sensor
rollback signal device to protect the material from being posted injury;
Range of vacuum of suction plate is adjustable, suitable for different sizes of labels;
Easy to install with separate floor stand, vertical and horizontal two-way adjustment mechanism can effectively set accurate
labeling position.
Unique side opening labeling head components are convenient for replacement of printer ribbons and print head cleaning.
Flexible label editing software is compatible with most Chinese / English label editing tools. Editing and printing content is
very flexible;
Connectivity via an Ethernet connection to the main system to achieve purposes of real-time management and system integration,
eliminating control computer on-site;
After the extension, can be connected to other devices (such as: barcode readers, electronic scales, test equipment or other
industrial equipment, etc.) consisting of integrated systems to meet user’s most complex application requirements in production
management and logistics monitoring; ?
Using world famous import brands electrical components to ensure lasting stability and reliability of the machine.

Technical parameters
1.Labeling accuracy: ± 1.5mm (excluding packaging and labeling errors);
2.Labeling speed: 500-1200PCS / H; (related with affixed, label size, label forms);
3.Labeling Options: Top paste, side paste, corner paste, front poste.
4.Line speed: 5-30m/min;
5.Power: Single phase 220V 50/60HZ;
6.Air source: 0.6-0.8Mpa
7.Total power:600W

Print engine technology parameters
1.Print engine:Zebra PAX
2.Resolution: 203dpi & 300dpi (Optional )
3.Print speed
1) 305mm/sec.(203dpi)
2) 203mm/sec.(300dpi)
4.Max print range
1) 110PAX : (W)104×(L)990 mm
2) 170PAX : (W)168×(L)990 mm
5. Label size(labeling)
1) standard:(W)110×(L)110 mm
2) 110PAX:  (W)20-110×(L)20-200 mm
3) 170PAX:  (W)20-170×(L)20-300 mm
6. Label specifications
Need to use “glassine” back paper, tissue paper thickness> 50μm,
Tissue ardness hardness meets standards of Gosun company.
Label roll outer diameter <200mm, inner diameter of 76mm (3 “)
7. Communication port
1) Standard: IEEE1284 parallel port, RS232 serial port
2) Standard: IEEE1284 parallel port
3) Optional: Ethernet port RJ45, wireless
4) Optional: RS232 serial port, Ethernet port RJ45, wireless, USB
8. Control port:Optional RS485 or RS422
9. Environment:Temperature :5-40 ℃ Humidity :15-85% (non-condensing)
10. Machine size:Depending on the different size of different model.

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