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Pad printing Doctor blade

Pad printing Doctor blade Pad printing Doctor blade
Product name:Pad printing Doctor blade

Used by Open ink-tray pad printer to remove the ink on the surface  of pad plate after coating ink with ink roller 

Technical Parameter
1. Dimension:18x360mm
2. Thickness of Knife edge: 0.01mm
3. Thickness of knife back:0.03mm
4. Hardness: 58-62 Degree
5.Shelf life:5 years
Production Advantage
Well wear resistance; Uniformity cutting edge;
Very nice Rigidity; Wedge model section form and easy to remove the ink. 

Use Method

1. Check the quality of cutting of edge of blade;
2. Cut a more width than the pad plate installed on pad printer by a plier;
3. Install it to the nip of pad printer and fic it;
4. Adjust the pression between blade and plate. 

Safe Caution :
Sharp cutting edge to break skin easily , Please avoid touching it carefully  

Storage :
1. Wrap it with paper or PVC film
2. Keep smooth state and prevent rustiness 

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