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Flat LED UV Curing Machine

Flat LED UV Curing Machine Flat LED UV Curing Machine Flat LED UV Curing Machine
Product name:Flat LED UV Curing Machine

It can be used to cure the adhesive, cured coatings, curing UV Inks used in PCB, LCD, electronics, plastics, wood, footwear, glass, crafts
materials and other materials, and is widely used in printing, digital inkjet printing, offset printing, screen printing, labels, flexo, painting, and other fields, but also for water transfer UV, UV Epoxy .
1. Efficient low temperature, to prevent material deformation, yellow;
2, easy to install on any existing curing equipment;
3. Ultra-low power consumption, saving 80-90% of the electricity
4. Long service life, ready to use, without waiting, light stability;
5. The most common and effective curing of UV inks, the ink does not require replacement,    efficiency of the same;
6. Green, ultra-low noise, no ozone, mercury pollution, no heat radiation;
7. Traditional UV Ink, but first with LED special ink better.
Power: 160W / 10CM / group
Wavelength: 395nm
Irradiation height: 1-10mm
Irradiation power: 400-1200mw / cm2
The transmission power adjustment: 10% -60%
LED life: 30000H more
Cooling: water-cooling
Power: 110/220V  50/60Hz
Irradiated area: 100 x 20mm / group
Curing area: 100 x 20MM (Single irradiation head, according to the adjustment required)
Dimension:  L x W x H ( customized)
Size, irradiated area can be customized.
We can manufacture according to customer requirements .

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